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Rachel Birch,
San Luis Obispo, CA


Housing Helpers Boulder was key to helping us relocate to Colorado.  Kaylyn and Katrina were fantastic to work with! They made the search very easy for us being so far away. We can't thank them enough for the speedy process of finding us a home. We highly recommend Housing Helpers when relocating and we couldn't have done it without them! Thanks again for everything
Chuck Browning
Boulder, CO


Ella at Housing Helpers was really helpful. I didn't require anything out of the ordinary, and i have to admit a fair amount of lucky timing, but she made the process really easy. All I had to do was choose and sign. Just what i was looking for. All service businesses could take a lesson from Housing Helpers.
Chris Bechard
Longmont, CO


After many years of living in a rural part of Estes Park, I frankly had no idea how to proceed with finding a rental home in Longmont. I tried finding one on my own, by going through tons of online ads, iPhone apps and the rentals sections of newspapers. After several days, I got nowhere and gave up on the process. Then I called Housing Helpers. From the first call, when I spoke with Nicole, I knew I had made the right decision. Nicole put me at ease and walked me through the entire rental application process. She was there to show me the home I was interested in, answering all my questions about the property, provided me all the forms online and made herself available in case I had any difficulties. She kept me fully apprised during this time, interfacing between me and the property owner. Nicole was very timely in calling me to report my applications were approved and set up a convenient time for me to meet with the owner to execute the lease and get the keys. Before I knew it, I was ready to move into my new home. In today's rental market, good properties are snapped up almost as soon as they are listed. Unless you have all day to research and stay on top of all the listings, I feel house, condo or apartment hunting is a very frustrating, disappointing and tedious process. However with the help of Nicole and Housing Helpers, that potential nightmare turned into a quick and pleasurable journey. I am so glad I chose Housing Helpers to assist me and I will definitely recommend Housing Helpers to anyone looking to move to the area. Thanks, Nicole!

Emme Gagnard
Boulder, CO


Kaylyn Davis at Housing Helpers Boulder was a great help to me when finding a new home in Boulder. She was quick with responding to any emails and walked us through each step of the process. We are now in the perfect home, and it couldn't have happened without the help from Kaylyn. Thank you.
Elizabeth O'Keefe
Boulder, CO


My experience with Housing Helpers was wonderful. I needed a short-term furnished rental within a week and I am so happy that I chose Housing Helpers to find a place. Ella was a great help in finding the right fit and she got all the documents through really quickly. I would recommend Housing Helpers to anyone looking for a place to live!
Bill Monroe
Lyons, CO


As an evacuee from Lyons after the flooding, I was anxious and struggling to find a short-term furnished rental for me, my dog, and two other couples with 10 month-old children. Jessica Charlesworth at Housing Helpers Boulder worked tirelessly for us. She took me to furnished and unfurnished rentals, negotiated with homeowners, helped find cribs and other needs for the babies. Thanks to Jessica and Housing Helpers' deal with the city of Boulder, we are now comfortably in a beautiful furnished home with plenty of space for everyone to retreat to private family space while being able to be together in community after having to leave Lyons. Thank you so much Jessica!
Cilbia R.
Firestone, CO


My husband and I are very pleased with the services provided by Kim Avery. We had been looking to close on a home fairly quickly, and with the housing market being as busy as it is, we thought it would not be possible; but Kim worked her wonders and found us a home to look at the first day it came on the market, and it was so perfect we wrote an offer that day. Kim’s eagerness in helping us buy a home was astounding! I am honestly proud to say that if it wasn't for her professionalism the process wouldn’t have gone as smooth as it did. Owning our dream home wouldn’t have come true if it wasn’t for Kim. Thank you! I would recommend Kim at Housing Helpers over and over again!
Kevin B.
Boulder, CO


We've used Housing Helpers Boulder for years.  We purchased our condos through their Boulder real estate department, found roommates for our daughters, and now find renters for our rental units. Everyone at Housing Helpers Boulder is great.   A special thanks to Jenn who found us new renters for one of our units in less than one week! She showed the unit, did all of the paperwork, and set us up for electronic signatures. We live about two hours away, so her help was crucial. Thanks Jenn!   

Dan K.
Boulder, CO


We had a very good experience workingwith Jenn at Housing Helpers Boulder. She was extremely accommodating of our schedule and because she was so responsive, we had the whole process of renting completed in a very short time. We would definietly work with her and Housing Helpers Boulder again.

Louisville, CO

Rated: Excellent

I have nothing but positive things to say about Stephanie and her team at Housing Helpers Boulder. I worked very closely with Jodi to find and purchase a home that I love. Their attention to detail was impressive as was their ability to really connect with a client and truly "take care of them" through the process. Whether it was taking the time to understand what I was looking for, working through details of the close or attending the final walk through of new construction to help me identify things that needed to be addressed - - they were there with me the entire time. Layer this high level of service with their knowledge of the area and expertise in the industry and you absolutely can't go wrong! Plus, I just really enjoyed spending time with them. I recommend them wholeheartedly!

Brendan R
Boulder, CO

Rated: Excellent

We've been using Housing Helpers Boulder for about as long as we have been in business in Boulder (19 years). Year-in, year-out the staff has been 100% professional and friendly. During the past 3-4 years, Boulder has become a very tight rental market for short-term executive rentals, so it has taken a awful lot of work on Housing Helpers' side to help us out in recent years. Ella Brooks in particular has been very nice to work with, and is a real pro. Most of the clients we book into HH units are out of Japan, and they have pretty high standards on service and amenities. The units we have rented have been first-rate, well-furnished, and impeccably clean. On the extremely few occasions in the past 19 years when something was not in order ... such as a malfunctioning cable system...I cannot think of a single time when the problem was not remedied within 24 hours, and usually within a couple of hours. The rentals are not cheap, but the comfort and peace of mind of our clients is our goal, and Housing Helpers definitely makes this happen.

Melissa V
Boulder CO

Rated: Excellent

I moved to Boulder from the east coast for grad school and Housing Helpers Boulder was the first place I went - before even checking into my hotel! (I needed a place ASAP) Moneque found a great place for me immediately and within the next hour I had appointments to see townhouses and found one I loved that same day. The situation was unique since the property owner was far away and the previous tenants had left without paying rent (or moving all their stuff) so it was a bit of a process to get the lease signed and move in. But Moneque worked with me and the property owner tirelessly, going above and beyond to assist both of us, including communicating at all times of the day and night, even on her day off to get this done! I'd recommend Housing Helpers to anyone moving to the area, especially Moneque, since she is there from start to finish to get you in the place you want!

Kenzio O
Boulder, CO

I'm a junior at CU and waited for the last second to find a place. I was freaking out cuz my roomates had bailed on me, and I didn't know what to do. I called Housing Helpers Boulder and they saved me. Matt Jensen gave me like 5 places to check out. I guess I got like the last place in Boulder, at least it seemed like it. Now I'm safe, until next year. If your a CU student I recomend calling Matt. He'll hook you up.

Madeline B
Boulder CO

I have used Housing Helpers Boulder several times as I have moved around Boulder. Most recently I got a recommendation to ask for Matt Jensen and was so glad I did! He was a great resource when I needed to get a place quickly. He knows his stuff, is professional and on top of that, he's a great guy, very friendly and eager to help!
Definitely a top notch place to find housing, especially if you are new to Boulder.

Bill M
Boulder CO

My wife and I recently moved to the Boulder area from out of the state, and thought we had exhausted all the area housing resources. Our trip was already planned to come to Boulder in hopes to find a new home, but we only had two days to make a decision. Luck would have it that our hotel was directly across the street from Housing Helpers Boulder, so we just headed in. The receptionist was extremely friendly, and referred us to Matthew Jensen. We explained our dire situation, and Matt dropped everything to show us several places we had not been able to find online. We ended up settling on a really nice apartment in North Boulder. If it weren't for Matt, and the team at Housing Helpers, our move would have been much more stressful. We will certainly be using their services again.

Kyle M
Boulder CO

Long story short, Matt took great care of me. He was extremely helpful with calling all of the locations for me and got me exactly what i was looking for, trouble free! I will definitely be using this company for all of me future housing needs.

Jessica H
Denver CO

As of recent events with my employer, I have been pushed to find a new home around the boulder area and hit nothing but dead ends until I went to housing helpers and worked with one of their employees by the name of Erica B.  She showed my a wide array of different locations that were suitable to my budget and pet situation ( a dog ) along with who i would be renting from. Very helpful, precise, and polite young woman to work with.  I wish there was an Erica everywhere i went because the world would definitely be a sweeter place.
Thank you again.
Jessica H

Washington DC

I have moved all over the globe and worked with all sorts of people to find me places to live. But working with Erica Bell at Housing Helpers in Boulder did not make me feel like I was finding a place to put my things - but rather she helped me find a home.  I recently moved cross country, which can in itself be a challenging feat. And in order to pull it off, I needed a little help from my friends. Erica scheduled time for them to see a number of apartments, take pictures, video chat with me from the places, and she worked with me to get a sense of who I would be renting from. She also understood my specific needs and went far beyond what any other realtor I have worked with would ever have done.  If you want to work with someone thoughtful, organized, competent, and savvy - give Erica Bell a call.  I told her that I owed her a beer - she'll be getting champagne. Not only did she win my business but she won my loyalty.

Mary F
Boulder CO

I have worked with Monique Dobbs at Housing Helpers 3 separate times over the last 6 or so years. She has been a delight to work with. Housing Helpers is a great company and Monique really strives to get a good fit for both you and their clients with property listings. I recommend Housing Helpers to anyone newly relocated to the area and in need of housing and for anyone just in need of housing. Very professional, friendly and prompt.

Stephen F
Boulder CO

My spouse and I used Housing Helpers one year ago to find a house in Boulder. We looked at 45 homes with our Housing Helpers agent and in the tough slow winter season our rep persisted. Five months into our house hunt we entered into a contract and closed four weeks later, closing went perfect. We were never let down or had our time wasted. It was our fourth home in the last 17 years and was our best house hunting experience. Our rep NEVER lost sight of our best interests as her client. On the money all the time. Had a great experience! Our Rep Stephanie Iannone and her team nailed it!

Chad B
Boulder CO

About a week ago I contacted housing helpers and initially was very disappointed with the response I received from one of the employees. So displeased that I wanted to get in contact with the manager to express my dissatisfaction so other customers didn't feel offended. I got in contact with Tom, and honestly, he was GREAT. Everything a boss should be doing for a business, he did to help correct the situation. He put me in contact with Jenn and she apologized about our initial experience with her company and not only said she was going to do everything possible to turn our view of it around, she DID do everything she could, which worked out marvelously! I initially had a negative review for housing helpers on this site, but I also really enjoy it when businesses take the initiative to make sure every customer is taken care of properly, especially if their first contact with the company was very negative for some reason. I personally think Jenn should get a raise as I believe she will do great things for the view of your company in the public eye. Originally very displeased - now, extremely satisfied customer! Kudos Housing Helpers!

Erin C
Boulder CO

I had a great experience with Ashley Lindsay from Housing Helpers and would definitely use this service again! Ashley has been prompt, friendly, patient and diligent in helping aid our search for a rental in downtown Boulder. She even pulled new listings, answered questions and sent me information on properties on her day off! I've never worked with someone so dedicated who truly cares about the people she is helping. I'm also a fan of Craig's List rental listings and it's true you won't find every property listed on Craig's List listed through Housing Helpers but they do have a vast list of properties that they work with in order to facilitate your search. The perk is that the folks at Housing Helpers search for you based on your requirements, set up showings for you AND have the ability to negotiate with property owners they work with sometimes getting them to allow a dog even when their listing says NO DOGS or when possible, negotiating with the owner to lower their asking price on monthly rent to more closely fit your budget requirements (Ashley negotiated on both of these aspects for us). If you don't feel like trolling through Craig's list every day and sifting through the scams to find properties and placing tons of calls to set up your own showings, give Ashley and Housing Helpers a call! We ended up with a great 2 bedroom that allows dogs with every single amenity we asked for right in downtown!

Alicia N
West End, NC

Monique dobbs and Kim were very professional and helpful in helping me find a great place to live in Boulder. I first tried Craigslist but there were a lot of suspicious listing there. "Landlords" out of state ot country. Housing helpers seems to have many listings around town and Kim narrowed them down to the top three I should check out. I settled on her first recommendation.

Brett N
Mead, CO

I was really overwhelmed with the prospect of finding an apartment that both met my needs and fit my budget. A co-worker recommened Housing Helpers. I spoke with Miranda Meza, and within minutes, she sent 10 listings for me to review. I toured all of them, and am happy to report I signed a lease on a great place today, and it's just a mile from my office! I highly recommend Miranda at Housing Helpers! Many thanks!

San Jose, CA

We want to give all our thanks and appreciation to Housing Helpers. Our journey from vacant to finding fabulous tenants has been the BEST experience. It all started with the first call to Miranda who was friendly, professional and informative. From there Lorraine helped us put our add together and kept us informed on ALL of our questions (there were many). Then Katie took care of our new tenants by showing our home and taking care of all the paper work. All was done in a very professional, friendly and timely manner. We are out of state and did not have time to deal with all the details of finding someone to vacate our home. We have rented other properties ourselves in the past. From now on we will be using Housing Helpers to find our tenants. WELL worth the money you pay up front. We cannot recommend them enough. We also have family members who use them and are VERY happy with the service. THANK YOU Housing Helpers!

Laurie T.
South River, NJ

My husband and I are relocating from the east coast to Boulder and Housing Helpers was fantastic. I worked with rep Moneque Dobbs and I couldn't say enough good things about my experience. I contacted her back in December and she has been following up since then. I was sent properties that directly matched my search criteria and just signed a lease for the most perfect apartment. She spent two hours driving us to see different apartments and town homes. When I decided on a place she personally brought the paperwork to my hotel and picked up my deposit. Moneque also enabled me to go back into the property the following day to take measurements and additional pictures of the unit. She enabled this transition to be smooth, enjoyable and professional. I will definitely be using Housing Helpers in the future when it comes time to purchase a home.

Heather M.
Boulder, CO

You have to work with Jenn Watson, she was the best. We are not students, we're a married couple from Boston who moved to boulder 3 weeks ago so we were looking for something pretty specific. I contacted a couple other places 6 months before we were planning to move in and they wouldn't give us the time of day. Jenn was amazing, she sent us stuff once a week to get a sense of what we liked and didn't. Spent an entire day with us showing everything within what we were looking for. Since we've moved she's been such a wealth of information. Now we're thinking about buying something and renting it out for a year, I would totally work with Jenn that or if we need to rent again.

Virginia M.
Billings MT

I live in another state. For the past 2 years I have used Housing Helpers to find renters for a home I own in Boulder, CO. HH has been very helpful. Housing Helpers staff gave me advice about the amount of rent to charge, found qualified rents, handled all of the background and credit check work and sent me the deposit check. Recently, I received a reminder that the Univ CO -- a prime source of renters--- will hold its annual housing fair in Feb . I have signed up for HH's services once again.  I strongly recommend Housing Helpers to other rental property owners. Their assistance makes it easy to rent property from a distance.  Ginny

Sharon P
Wilmington, DE

Speaking as a Boulder native who has been at various times a prospective renter, renter, owner, landlord and agent, I have to say that Housing Helpers has exceeded my expectations on every level. I have property in several states and have never had such a professional experience in previewing, purchasing and then renting as I have with HH. The real estate sales side is as wonderful as the rental team and I wish that HH were in the other states that we own property in. They have made my life much easier and I have enjoyed everyone that I have worked with. Some of the other reviewers appear to have unrealistic expectations about the role of a rental agency. Boulder is a unique real estate market, in every aspect. It is expensive to buy and to properly maintain properties and this also makes for an expensive rental market. Given the challenges that Boulder offers, I don't think that there is any other group that could do what they do, offer consistent and professional assistance in matching owners with renters. I would give them 6 stars if I could.

Bruce S
Boulder, CO

I've been using Housing Helpers exclusively for 10 years to match residents to my properties - I've never had anything but an excellent experience. The residents they've matched to my properties have been completely responsible and my occupancy rates have been an incredible 100%....for 10 years.

Tim H
Boulder, CO

I have lived in Boulder for over 12 years now and have utilized Housing Helpers service at least 5 times to locate a place to rent. The service is free, most of their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, but what I find to be best about the company is the listings they have. They have the most listings of houses, by far, of any agency in town. I have referred many of my friends to Housing Helpers. Never had a problem!

Leah M
Greenwhich, CT

We used Housing Helpers to find a place when we relocated to NYC. They showed us 6 places in our price range and ultimately we found us a house that we love. (We also lined viewings up through craigslist.) They facilitated the rental process and everything was very easy.

Boulder, CO

I typically don't post reviews about companies, but I really wanted to let everyone know about my experience with Housing Helpers. I initially contacted them to find a place to rent. I was looking on my own and found that a lot of the places around Boulder are really beat up. They found a lot of options for me and took me to see a few of them. All of them were better than what I was finding on my own and less expensive. The best part about it was I was also looking to buy a condo. Tom Orlando was my Realtor and he negotiated a better deal than I ever expected. Then on top of that, I originally signed a year lease, I bought my condo after 4 months of being in the lease and he found someone to take over my lease for free. It was great to be able to find so much help all in one company. I highly recommend Housing Helpers, it was a great experience.

Dan I.
Boulder, CO

While my first experience with Housing Helpers was nothing special, my most recent encounter was very good. Jolee was our relocation specialist and she did a superb job. She was very friendly and knowledgable and went out of her way to keep us updated on new properties that just hit the market. If you're thinking of trying Housing Helpers, ask for Jolee. She will not hang you out to dry and will make sure you're happy.

Lindsay L.
Boulder, CO

I am relocating to Boulder and used Housing Helpers to find a place to live. Having already lived there in the past I knew the area well but my needs have changed a bit since the college days. We had a pretty strict rent budget, two dogs, and wanted to be able to ride our bikes everywhere. I had an incredibly helpful "relocation specialist" (Jolee) who even helped get the property owner to agree to a slight rent reduction and an additional dog. I can't comment on the process if you're in town but my experience with Housing Helpers was great from afar.